Genetics, aging, smoking cigarettes, and consuming staining substances such as medication, coffee, tea, and cola can discolour your teeth over time. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry today offers many ways for you to attain a bright, attractive smile. Whitening or bleaching your teeth is a process that involves the use of a gel to lighten the teeth, giving them a whiter and brighter appearance. Multiple studies have shown whitening to be completely harmless, causing no structural damage to the teeth, no adverse impacts on fillings, and no softening of tooth enamel. 

At our office, we offer take-home bleaching and in-office bleaching.

Take-Home Bleaching

This is a popular bleaching technique which involves taking impressions of your teeth and making thin, custom-fitted plastic trays. A thin layer of bleaching gel is applied within the trays which are then placed on the teeth and worn for about an hour per day.

There are many benefits to this method of whitening:

  • The vacuum forming method used to create the tray ensures that the bleaching gel stays in close contact with the teeth at all times and ensures that there is minimal wasted material.
  • The gel we use contains desentisizing agents and is great for those with sensitive teeth.
  • The kit we provide you is cost effective and comes with multiple tubes of bleaching gel.
  • The gel comes in multiple concentrations to suit your needs in terms of whiteness, sensitivity, and time required to obtain the desired result.

While some results may be seen in a couple days, it usually takes one to two weeks to see the full whitening of your teeth. Many of our patients prefer the gradual whitening of teeth over time since it is less noticeable to others that you are undergoing this procedure. Furthermore, it's relatively low cost makes it a popular choice.

In-Office Bleaching

In our office, we use Philips Zoom2! This is a revolutionary bleaching system that results in whiter teeth in less than one-and-a-half hours. This procedure involves three 15 minute treatments with a high power ultraviolet light that rapidly, yet safely initiates the whitening process by activating the bleaching gel that is applied to your teeth. Zoom is the most popular bleaching system in the world today and has been featured on TV shows such as “Extreme Makeover.”

As part of our in-office whitening with Zoom, custom-made plastic trays are provided for future touch-ups to further brighten the smile at home any time you choose. Zoom2 is the perfect answer in today's society where time is at a premium.

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