With extremely high success rates and their ability to preserve surrounding teeth and bone, dental implants are considered to be the gold standard of tooth replacement options. Many of our patients agree!

Having a missing tooth can be a detriment to your appearance and overall health. This includes shifting of the teeth or loosening of surrounding teeth, as well as erosion of the jaw bone. Many people who have one or more missing teeth experience muscle tension, migraines, jaw pain, and sunken appearance around the mouth that can age their face by decades.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement crown or bridge in place. The treatment can be more conservative than traditional bridgework, since implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. Since dental implants integrate into the structure of your bone, they can prevent the bone loss and gum recession that often accompanies bridgework and dentures.  Dental implant restorations are so natural-looking and feeling that you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

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Dental Implant Benefits

Cost effective: Because only one tooth is replaced rather than the three teeth of a bridge, dental implant tooth replacement can actually cost less than the traditional bridgework in the long term

Tooth-saving: Dental implants do not sacrifice the quality of your adjacent teeth like a bridge does because neighboring teeth are not altered to support the implant. Your own teeth are left untouched, a significant long-term benefit to your oral health!

Comfort: Dental implants will allow you to once again speak and eat with comfort and confidence. They are secure and can offer freedom from the troublesome clicks and wobbles of loose dentures. Say goodbye to misplaced dentures and messy pastes and glues.

Reliability: Implants are a highly reliable treatment with excellent success rates. They are considered the best option for tooth replacement.


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